Summer School 2023

Thank you to all students and contributors who made this an unforgettable moment!


A radical, digital revolution is occurring on how we live and how we work. The innovations that lie at the heart of this transformation are founded on the rapid developments of Electronics Components and Systems, powered by Advanced Microelectronics and Integration Technologies as well as new Embedded Software and Systems paradigms. They are an essential part of the solutions to the many challenges facing our society.

Like many regions of the world, Europe has recognised the strategic importance of these technologies and is implementing an ambitious plan to attract investment and create high-quality jobs in this area. Answering this need of advancing skills development in the Electronic Components and Systems sector, the three industry associations AENEAS, EPoSS and INSIDE are inviting selected students to get an understanding of the diversity of the activities it offers and get a glimpse at state-of-the-art applications during a one-week Summer School, entirely free of charge.


Electronic Components and Systems represent a wide technological sector. Integrated Circuits (the CHIPS !!) need to be designed, fabricated, tested and assembled. They can be further combined in electronic systems, which are powered and animated with the soul of software. The ability of these systems to manage information and exchange it with their environment sustains the interaction between the physical and digital worlds, bringing smartness all around.

In recent years this sector has been experiencing an incredibly fast progress trend. Advanced microelectronics and integration technologies enable miniaturization and production in high numbers at ever lower cost, so that electronic systems can be deployed in multiple scenarios, from inside our bodies to outer space. They allow the constant reinvention of telecommunications (with always better communication systems), automotive (with electric cars and autonomous driving), computing (powering Artificial Intelligence and pushing new frontiers with neuromorphic and quantum paradigms) and biomedical devices (overcoming human weaknesses, allowing minimally invasive surgery, and more generally improving prevention and diagnosis).

Via lectures, demonstrations and interactive activities, the programme will introduce some of the possibilities offered by present microelectronics devices and foreseen future applications, showing the many facets of the fascinating world of microelectronics.
The programme will cover four main topics:

Talks will be delivered by representatives from leading universities, research institutes and companies. Career testimonies by young engineers will complete the week.

Programme at a glance:

Programme Summer School


Eligible students

The summer school is dedicated to students who have been enrolled for at least two years of undergraduate studies and have at least one more year to go. Students from all fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a university based in the EU or associated country are eligible to apply. Good knowledge of English is mandatory since all interactions will be held in that language.

Deadline for application

Deadline for application is May 25th, 2023, 17:00 CEST

Selection will be based on the motivation letter, one to three recommendation letters, and grade transcripts. It will take into account gender and geographical balance and will ensure diversity of the student backgrounds. Selection results will be communicated between 16-19 June.


Shuttle bus

Participants will be taken by bus from Bologna train station to the summer school location on Sunday, August 20th, end of afternoon. Return to Bologna train station is planned on Friday, August 25th, at 3pm.

Travel costs

Travel costs to/from Bologna will be reimbursed based on receipts up to a total amount of 500 Euros for students.

Lodging and food

Lodging and food will be provided to the selected students free of charge.

Who's who

If you click here, you can find the Who's who document for Speakers and students participating.

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