About the tool

The ECS Collaboration Tool - A networking tool for project ideas and potential partners.

Welcome to the ECS Collaboration Tool. This tool is a platform to create project proposals in the field of Electronic Components and Systems. With this tool we facilitate the ECS communities and collect all data and proposals together, making it easier for the ECS research community to find and create information and project proposals.

The ECS Collaboration Tool is a new Approach to inspiring innovation and is open to all experts in Electronic Components and Systems and available 24/7. The new tool is released in conjunction with the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS) 2017, but is available to support any related event, regardless of the funding instrument involved. It can also be used as a “stand-alone” project consortium building tool.

Users can initiate projects and invite partners, or use the messaging system to look for partners or projects. After forming consortia, project teams can assess the best mechanism for funding support for their project, be it a National, ECSEL-JU, European Commission or EUREKA type funding.

Features in the tool

Create a project idea

Initiate a project idea in the ECS Collaboration Tool and invite partners, and browse
other project ideas.

Look for a partner

Use the partner search on ECS Collaboration Tool to look for possible partners based
on their expertise, and invite them to join your project idea.

Look for other project ideas

Browse through the ECS Collaboration Tool to find project ideas and send out an online
request to join in a consortium.

Message Board - Get noticed even more

Leave a message on the message board for possible partners or interesting project ideas.

How does it work?



If you have a new project idea, you can enter your project idea in the tool. When finished with preparing your project idea you can look for partners for your project by using the Partner Search or the Message Board.
Not found what you need? Place a call for partners on the Message Board.



If you are interested in joining a consortium, get to know the projects in the tool and decide if and which project best suits your organisation’s interest. Via the Partner Search you can contact project leaders to get the conversation started or place a message on the public Message Board. Found an interesting idea? Join the discussion on the project page and share your view!

Events & Calls

The following consortium building events and Calls related to Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) are upcoming:

ECSEL-JU Calls 2019

Opened 06-02-2019

ECSEL-JU opened its new Calls 2019, consisting of 1 ECSEL-IA Call, 1 ECSEL-RIA Call, and 1 ECSEL-CSA Call for Lighthouse Initiative Health.E.

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Opens 19-11-2019

EURIPIDES² and PENTA will open a new synchronised 2020 Call to submit RD&I project proposals along the ECS value chain.

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EFECS 2019

19-21 November 2019

EFECS is the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe.

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ECS Brokerage Event 2020

Jan 2020

The 2nd edition of the ECS Brokerage Event in the area of Electronic Components and Systems, organised by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS.

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Upcoming Calls

ECSEL-JU Calls 2019

  • Launch: 06-02-2019
  • RIA/IA PO submission: 07-05-2019
  • RIA/IA FPP submission: 18-09-2019
  • CSA FPP submission: 27-03-2019

2020 EURIPIDES²/PENTA Synchronised call

  • Launch: 19-11-2019
  • PO submission: 28-02-2020
  • FPP submission: May 2020