Inside Industry Association meets the Digital Age

ARTEMIS evolved into Inside Industry Association

Europe is going through several changes and challenges. With KDT coming up and the challenges ahead, ARTEMIS Industry Association decided the time was right to evolve and with that, changed their name into Inside Industry Association.

The association is evolving: as Inside, the association aims to focus even more on innovative members and how to create Intelligent Digital Systems together. Inside serves as a European Technology Platform providing networking opportunities, a channel to inspire politicians and support to apply for funding in the Electronic Components and Systems value chain for R&I participants.

Together with the AENEAS and EPoSS industry Association Inside continues to advocate for European and National support of Research, Development and Innovation. Together, they stimulate and supports collaborative innovation to meet societal and economic challenges in a sustainable way and shape the digital future of Europe by co-defining the RD&I Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) strategy.