7 Sept Webinar

Xecs Call 3 Webinar - How to submit a Xecs Proposal in the Project Zone

Xecs Call 3 opens on 25 September 2023 during the Xecs Matchmaking Event in Paris.

To support you to easily submit your Project Outline in the Project Zone, a webinar on “How to submit a Xecs Proposal in the Project Zone?” will be held online on 25 October 2023, 11:00 CEST.

Don’t miss this webinar which will:

  • Show you how to register in the Project Zone
  • Explain to you what is the project flow when submitting the proposal
  • Make you aware of your audience
  • Detail the Project Outline and Cost Detail Annexes
  • Tell you more about the next steps

More information about the webinar here.

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