Workshop "Promising technologies for ECS"

After a first edition in September 2021, the scientific bodies of the 3 Industry Associations AENEAS, EPoSS and Inside would like to share their views on selected technologies that they consider promising for the ECS domain on 22 September.

The objective of this workshop is to draw the attention of the community and get feedback on 3 research topics which could become a competitive advantage for Europe:

As the lead time from scientific breakthrough to market exploitation is typically above 10 years, it is essential to detect the early signs of emerging technology trends to feed the “innovation pipeline”, ensuring the future success of European economy and society.

A workshop is therefore organised online, to give the ECS community at large the opportunity to learn about the topics and bring their own contribution.


The workshop will start with the Chairs of the Long-Term Vision chapter of the ECS SRIA providing the audience with an overview of the updates of this year. The major part of the workshop will then be devoted to a deep dive into the 3 selected topics, with presentations and panels. A last session will reflect on the role of pilot lines under the new capacity building stream of the EU Chips Act and how they can contribute to supporting these promising technologies.


This programme is preliminary to changes. 




10.00 Introduction of the workshop by moderator Patrick Cogez, AENEAS
10.05 Evolution of the SRIA LTV Chapter
By the chairs of the three Scientific Councils
Enrico Sangiorgi, AENEAS, Sven Rzepka, EPoSS, Dimitrios Serpanos, Inside
Exploration of promising technologies with high potential
10.25 Distributed intelligence in Systems of Systems: trends and vision  tbc
11.05 2D materials and their integration into devices and systems Max Lemme, AMO and RWTH , 
  • and a panel discussion with Inge Asselberghs, imec, Cedric Huygebaert, Black Semiconductor, and Tibor Grasser, TU Wien 
11.45 Roadmap towards sustainable electronics Liisa Hakulla, VVT, and a panel discussion moderated by Erika Gy├Ârvary, CSEM, Liisa Hakulla, VVT, Patrick Blouet, STM, Kai Kriegel, Siemens, and Nils Nilssen, Fraunhofer IZM
Role of new pilot lines driven by RTO's for "Capacity building"
12.25 Presentation by the European Commission Francisco Ibanez, European Commission
Panel/feedback by RTOs and universities
13.00 Closing session by moderator Patrick Cogez, AENEAS 


Participation to the workshop is free of charge and on invite only.



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