ECS-SRIA workshops

AI, IoT, Advanced Control and Edge Computing

The goal of this workshop is to collect, align and discuss input to the definition of priority-topics as a basis for the discussion on priorities in the Work Programme for the first KDT call. This workshop specifically addresses AI, IoT, Advanced Control and Edge Computing oriented topics as identified by the ECS community, and described in the various sections of the ECS SRIA 2021.

The topic of is becoming increasingly important as hyperconnectivity and ubiquity continues to accelerate, with physical-digital integration, the Internet of Things, big data, augmented and virtual reality, and increasingly capable Artificial Intelligence that enable applications such as connected cars, smart homes, industry 4.0, etc. Digital Technologies have been instrumental in keeping our economies and societies running during the pandemic.

If gaps in the ECS SRIA 2021 are detected, then these gaps are to be addressed in the ECS SRIA 2022.

References to the ECS SRIA 2021

Chapters: for AI, edge computing and advanced control the reference chapter is 2.1. IoT related topics are addressed in different chapters, thanks to the interdisciplinarity of this topic: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Application chapters also address these topics but, due to time limitations, we focus more on enabling and domain-independent technologies.


The key contributor of the topic to the SRIA gives an overview/explanation and the initial priority setting as meant by the SRIA team. Then the EC and some representatives of Participating States (PS) give their viewpoints. The landscape will be set by the ECSEL-JU, followed by contributions of representatives of other stakeholders and industries with overlapping interests. Then a general discussion with all speakers by the moderator with inputs of the plenary.


Download the presentation slides in the programme.




09.30 Introduction Arian Zwegers, European Commission  and Jan Lohstroh, ARTEMIS-IA
09.35 Introduction by moderator Patrick Pype, NXP
09.40 Overview and initial priority settings Paolo Azzoni, Eurotech and Marc Duranton, List-CEA
10.00 Viewpoints of European Commission Marco Ceccarelli, European Commission
10.10 Viewpoints of Germany Julia Kaltschew, VDI/VDE Innovation & Technik GmbH 
10.20 Viewpoints of member states
10.30 Portfolio analysis on the topic of ECSEL JU programme Yves Gigase, ECSEL-JU
10.40 Viewpoints of Bosch.IO Johannes Kristan, Bosch.IO Sven Erik Jeroschewski, Bosch.IO
10.50 Viewpoints of Kalray Eric Baissus, Kalray
11.00 Edge AI Trends Kay Bierzynski, Infineon
11.10 Viewpoints of IMEC Axel Nackaerts, IMEC
11.20 Speakers discussion led by Patrick Pype, NXP
12.00 Proposals for priorities Patrick Pype, NXP
12.15 Final statements Arian Zwegers, European Commission and Jan Lohstroh, ARTEMIS
12.30 Closing


Participation to the ECS SRIA workshops is free of charge. Registration is open to all members of the organisers communities and for invited actors in the field of Electronic Components and Systems.