ECS-SRIA workshop

SW in ECS based digitisation

With this workshop we aim to define priority proposals for the Work Plan of the first KDT call on SW oriented topics addressed by the ECS community, as described in the various sections of the ECS SRIA 2021. This with the assumption that the KDT SRIA 2021 will be identical to the ECS SRIA of this year.

The focus of these priority proposals will be on embedded software, edge computing, IoT, SoS and their interaction with enterprise level software and cloud computing platforms.

The key contributor of the topic to the SRIA gives an overview/explanation and the initial priority setting as meant by the SRIA team. Then the EC and some representatives of Participating States (PS) give their viewpoints, followed by contributions of representatives of other associations with overlapping interests. Then a general discussion with all speakers by the moderator with inputs of the plenary.

References to the ECS SRIA 2021

Software is present almost in any chapter of the SRIA, at different levels, in different forms. There are two main “categories”:

  1. Software included in foundational technology layers and in cross-sectional technologies
    • Regarding the foundational technology layers, software is “embedded” in all the “higher” levels of the stack: chapters 1.2 (only partially, e.g. firmware), 1.3, 1.4.
    • Regarding the cross-sectional technologies, software is present in all the chapters, but we consider/cover only the previous levels of the stack (basically the intersections in the matrix): chapters 2.1, 2.2, 2.4
  2. Engineering software
    • Engineering support is fundamental and is mainly illustrated in chapter 2.3


Download the presentation slides in the programme.




09.30 Introduction Arian Zwegers, European Commission, and Jan Lohstroh, ARTEMIS-IA
09.35 Introduction by moderator Patrick Pype, NXP
09.45 Overview and initial priority settings Paolo Azzoni, Eurotech
10.05 Viewpoints of European Commission Max Lemke, European Commission
10.15 Viewpoints member states
Viewpoints of Germany
10.35 Portfolio analyse on the topic of ECSEL JU programme Yves Gigase 
10.45 Input from AIOTI Ovidiu Vermesan
10.55 Input from HiPEAC Marc Duranton
11.05 Input from NESSI Andreas Metzger 
11.15 Speakers discussion  led by Patrick Pype
11.45 Proposals for priority formulated by Patrick Pype
12.15 Final statements of key contributors 
12.30 Closing Arian Zwegers and Jan Lohstroh


Participation to the ECS SRIA workshops is free of charge. Registration is open to all members of the organisers communities and for invited actors in the field of Electronic Components and Systems.