2020 EURIPIDES²/PENTA joint call

2020 EURIPIDES²/PENTA joint call will be launched on 20 November at EFECS 2019 in Helsinki. To begin generating your project ideas and building your consortium through the ECS Collaboration Tool, please bear in mind the following dates:


POs and FPPs must be submitted via the PENTA/EURIPIDES² Project Zone which opens after the launch at EFECS 2019.

PO = Project Outline
The PO gives a short overview of a project, mainly to describe the project goals, innovation, targeted business impact and consortium. Project Outlines which are positively evaluated are invited for the second stage: FPP.

FPP = Full Project Proposal
The FPP describes the project plan and how the project will be executed and managed. Approved FPPs will receive the PENTA and EURIPIDES² labels.

For more information go to: http://www.penta-eureka.eu/calls/2020EURIPIDES-PENTACall.php